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Norm's Clubhouse

The Clubhouse is my answer to those nameless, faceless tout services that charge you a fortune for their selections. Norm Looking

I'm not going to guarantee  you winners or pretend I have all the answers...But, I can promise that I put my heart and soul into my selections.  I take a lot of pride in The Clubhouse and hope you enjoy it.

I believe that when you handicap sporting events,you should compile as much information as you possibly can.  And, that's exactly what I do.  Not only do I spend the time studying, I also speak to several of the top handicappers on a daily basis.  It is my goal to take the information I gather and pass it on to you in the form of winning selections.

And, unlike just about every other Sports Handicapping site I do not charge an arm and a leg for individual selections.   For less than $1.50/day you get access to all of the selections and analysis posted on the site. 

I believe that you should treat your handicapping as an investment.  Before you invest your money, don't you want to be armed with as much information as possible?


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